Additions #2: English Plays (Cavendish, Fletcher, Chapman, etc.)

  • John Fletcher and William Shakespeare, The Two Noble Kinsmen
  • Margaret Cavendish, Love’s Adventures 1
  • Margaret Cavendish, Love’s Adventures 2
  • Margaret Cavendish, The Several Wits
  • Margaret Cavendish, The Unnatural Tragedy
  • Margaret Cavendish, The Convent of Pleasure
  • Duke of Buckingham and John Fletcher, Monsieur Thomas
  • Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher and Philip Massinger, The Beggar’s Bush
  • John Fletcher, Ben Jonson and Philip Massinger, The Tragedy of Rollo
  • John Fletcher, Rule a Wife Have a Wife
  • John Marston, Parasitaster
  • Ben Jonson, Every Man in his Humour
  • George Chapman, Bussy D’Ambois
  • George Chapman and George Peele, The Arraignment of Paris
  • Aphra Behn, The Rover


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