Additions #1: William Shakespeare and John Lyly

  • William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • William Shakespeare, All’s Well that Ends Well
  • William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra
  • William Shakespeare, As You Like It
  • William Shakespeare, Coriolanus
  • William Shakespeare, Cymbeline
  • William Shakespeare, Hamlet
  • William Shakespeare, Henry V
  • William Shakespeare, 1 Henry VI
  • William Shakespeare, 2 Henry VI
  • William Shakespeare, 3 Henry VI
  • John Fletcher and William Shakespeare, Henry VIII
  • William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
  • William Shakespeare, King John
  • William Shakespeare, King Lear
  • William Shakespeare, Macbeth
  • William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
  • William Shakespeare, Othello
  • William Shakespeare, Pericles
  • William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
  • William Shakespeare, The Tempest
  • William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale
  • Thomas Middleton and William Shakespeare, Timon of Athens
  • William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus
  • William Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida
  • William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night
  • John Lyly, Love’s Metamorphosis
  • John Lyly, Endymion
  • John Lyly, Gallathea
  • John Lyly, Mother Bombie
  • John Lyly, Sapho and Phao
  • John Lyly, The Woman in the Moon
  • John Lyly, Campaspe
  • John Lyly, Midas


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